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The Start Of An Adventure: Totally Off-Grid!

Backyard Solar Power Revolution...

“I recently visited a land cooperative of 4 families owning 60 acres in a northern state—opsec. These families came together with a common dream of owning land in the country over 15 years ago, but that is where most of the commonality ended.  Each family has a home site, but also cooperatively makes decisions about land use.

One couple started building their home themselves in 1995. It is completely off grid, not even having solar energy by choice.

The thing that I find so unique about this off-grid home, and the family that owns it, is the total absence of electricity. Most off-grid homes have an alternative source of energy that provides electricity—solar, wind, hydro… What does no electricity mean? No cell phone, no radio unless battery powered, no TV, no lights, no running water… So many of the things that we are prepping to maintain, this family has chosen to either do without or found a non-electric alternative…”

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Perhaps this dream is unfolding for me… Can I do it? Big life changes, for the better, but am I being realistic? Perhaps these are the times to just go for it and see what can manifest…

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