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Wind Cube Turbines – Power For A Family Of Four

“How would you like your very own take-it-home apply-it-yourself wind power generator? How about a whole array of them? This is a design that’s just that, take it home, unpack it, screw it into the wall, connect it to whatever battery you’ve got that can hold generated power, and let it rip! This design is made up of blades, […]


How To Make A Biomass Gasifier For Producing Wood Gas

“So what is a biomass gasifier? Basically is a chemical reactor that converts wood, or other biomass substances, into a combustible gas that can be burned for heating, cooking, or for running an internal combustion engine. Gasifiers are an old, but generally overlooked alternative energy technology. Few people these days realize that gasifiers were used […]


The Care & Feeding Of Solar Batteries

“I have been receiving many questions from readers and visitors to the BHM web site concerning deep discharge solar batteries. These questions include: How do they work? Which type is best? How long will they last? Are they dangerous? Do they require maintenance? Can they be located outside? How low can they be discharged? How […]


How To Build A Bicycle Generator

Using a few easily accessible parts, you can make a bicycle generator that can power various electronic appliances, such as laptops and batteries! Materials needed: Bicycle Stand Bicycle frame 24V  DC scooter motor DC-DC battery charger A car battery, or something similar DC-AC inverter Wires for electrical connections And various bike parts and tools. A […]


Algae-Powered Lamp Transforms CO2 Into Light

“The lamp is made possible thanks to a recent discovery made by researchers at the universities of Yansei and Stanford. The researchers found that a tiny electrical current can be extracted from algae during photosynthesis. The Latro Lamp features a battery that stores energy generated by the algae throughout the day and a light sensor […]


Solar Pannel Roof Shingles

“Residential solar has two main obstacles – expense and aesthetics. Even if I could afford it, my HOA probably wouldn’t allow it. All of this could change thanks to Dow Solar Solutions and their Powerhouse shingles. As you can see, the panels look like standard asphalt shingles – and they can be installed without any […]


Home Based Production Of Biodiesel From Waste Vegetable Oil

“The first thing that needs to be done, after being assured that the oil does not contain water, is to find out what the levels of FFA’s (Free Fatty Acids) are in the oil. This is done by the process of titration. A reliable method of titration is a priority for the most commonly used […]


Create Hot Water From A Compost Wheelie Bin

“Daryl from Windsor in NSW came up with an innovative solution using two ordinary wheelie bins that are filled with compost and a wound central pipe arrangement to turn cold water hot very quickly. How does it work? “What I have made is a compost heater, inside a wheelie bin with 20 mm poly pipe […]