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More Vertical Gardening Ideas

Vertical gardening is a pretty sweet option for those of us with limited space, and/or bad backs! In this example we can see lettuce trays attached to the weather boards of a house. Pretty nice idea, and relatively cheap to setup as well. More ideas include using old wine racks and shoe organizers (yeah, seriously)… More […]


Take The Guess Work Out Of Seed Spacing

One ruler to rule them all – Here’s a novel idea to take the guess work out of seed and plant spacing. This handy 1 meter ruler has pre-drilled seed sowing holes with metric and imperial graduations. It also has a vegetable spacing guide printed right on it. If you’re looking to optimize plant spacing in […]


Bring More Bees Into Your Garden

This awesome bamboo hanging “bee house” will attract more bees into your garden… “Boost your garden’s productivity by providing a happy home for peaceful, non-stinging Mason bees. Slightly smaller than honeybees, mason bees are incredible pollinators. Each one visits as many as 1000 blooms per day — 20 times as many as a honeybee! Hang […]


Franken Seeds – Hybrid Seeds vs GMOs

Hybrid Seeds. Genetically-modified (GMO) seeds. Heirloom seeds. The labels often confuse people. Not a single day passes without some well-meaning reader leaving a comment like this one: “GMOs are perfectly safe. Farmers and gardeners have been cross-breeding seeds like this for thousands of years. Take off your tinfoil hats, people!” Um… no. Just no. Farmers […]


Rain Water Storage Barrel System

Rain barrels collect rainfall and store it, so that it can be used later. There are 3 main components – The roof, the barrel, and the hose. These are not always a roof, barrel, and hose, but those functions will be present in almost every system (collection, storage, and output). A very common setup is […]


Growing Up To 72 Plants In A 55 Gallon Drum

Gardening space at a premium? Well here’s an interesting idea. Go poke a bunch of holes in a 55 Gallon drum and you’ve just gone and got your own vertical garden that can grow up to 72 individual plants! A great and cheap solution to really increase the growing capacity of your crops in limited space areas […]

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