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27 Medicinal Plants Worth Your Garden Space

“Playful as kids are, accidents happen. And the accident that befallen me at 7 years old was the feeling of the hot exhaust pipe of a motorcycle kissing the skin of my leg. Grandma was around and saw it. Immediately, she took out a knife and slice the thick lower part of the aloe vera […]


6 Natural Allergy Remedies

“As the golden days of summer begin to fade, thoughts often turn to the last sun-ripened tomatoes and bringing in the harvest. But if you or someone you know are among the more than 26 million Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies (or the estimated 50 million who suffer from all types of allergies), you […]


How To Grow Your Own Antibacterial Bandages

“As I work on turning this one acre homestead into a self-sustaining Garden of Eden, I have two requirements for every single plant I consider putting in the ground: they must be either edible or medicinal. Preferably both. Why? Because frankly I don’t have money or space to waste on frivolous landscaping. Everything from the […]


Making Honey Ginger Throat Drops

This week I found myself with a hellishly sore throat and no throat drops in the house. Normally I *am* one to lay about the house and moan, but dangit, this time I made cough drops myself… It was surprisingly easy. I followed this delightful recipe from Scootchmaroo on Instructables: Cough Drops. Read all the […]


A Recipe For Turmeric Juice: A Powerful Healing Beverage

“When I lived in Bali, I fell in love with the Balinese-style turmeric juice, Jamu Kunyit. Turmeric is known to be one of the most powerful healing herbs. It is great for bones and joints as it has anti-inflammatory properties. It prevents metastases from occurring in many different forms of cancer. Turmeric’s also a natural […]


Healing With Calendula

“Calendula is one of my very favorite herbs. The cheerful orange and yellow blossoms look gorgeous in the garden and have incredible healing properties. My first experience with Calendula was during college when a friend developed an uncomfortable and embarrassing rash on her face. She diligently applied a cream prescribed by her doctor, but after several […]


19 Homemade Remedies For Headache Pain

“The other day the hubster came home from work with a pounding headache. He usually takes Excedrin for headache relief, but apparently that wasn’t cutting it on that particular day. He actually asked me if I would make up one of my “voodoo essential oil cures”. lol. Well, I am no expert, but my SISTER […]


Natural Antibiotics: Foods That Work As Antibiotics

“Antibiotics are a category of drugs which are referred to as “antimicrobials,” which means they inhibit the growth of or kills bacteria, without causing significant damage to the person (host). The food we eat has the capacity to harm or heal us and in the following article, foods that act as natural antibiotics are discussed. […]


Burts Bees Lip Balm Recipe

“Our ancestors didn’t have the luxury of owning many beauty products. From what I have researched it looks like when they got chapped lips they used goose or duck fat, vaseline, and in a pioneer memoir there was even mention of someone using ear wax (ewww!). Chapstick itself wasn’t invented until the early 1880?s by […]

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