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"Plants Grown In Worm Castings Grew 3 Times Faster Than Identical Plants Grown In Potting Mix" - Learn How To Make Your Garden Thrive With Worm Composting - Click Here To Find Out How

20 Skills You Can Trade After “The End Of The World”

“People sometimes forget that the smallest and most convenient storage space is in their own heads. If you find yourself in the midst of a disaster and you need to either build or fix something, having the knowledge and experience already in your mind will hugely benefit your ability to survive. And if there’s something […]


Contact These 173 Manufacturers For High Value Coupons

Apparently these 173 manufacturers will send you high value coupons if you just contact them via email and ask for them. “One of my favorite ways to get high-value and sometimes even FREE item coupons is e-mailing manufacturers. It is very simple and doesn’t take a whole lot of your time. The below list of companies […]


How To Make Scandinavian Log Candles

These things are awesome. If you’re in need of some emergency lighting, heat, or something to cook from, these “Scandinavian” log candles burn for hours and all you need is log and a saw to make them. “In a survival situation, this log candle technique could prove to be invaluable. In the dark aftermath of a […]


A Better Way To Stack Firewood

On the other side of the Atlantic, Scandinavian people have been taking wood heat seriously for centuries longer than we have. They also stack wood in round piles. Curious about why, I gave it a try. I now know that round piles take less time to stack, they shed water better than straight piles, and […]


Feed Yourself For Free: 12 Edible ‘Survival Plants’

Dandelion salad anyone? While there are hundreds of edible foods to be found in the wild… …just 12 plants will provide enough sustenance for you to live on. Out of the many hundred edible British foods detailed in the best ‘wild plant’ guides, just these 12 will provide all you truly need, and more, for […]


Purifying Water With Stones

“When I mention to someone that you can boil water with hot stones, they always ask me two questions… Why would you do that? How do you do it? Why would you ever boil water using stones? Why don’t you use the fire to heat it. Well, in a perfect situation, in a camping situation, […]


9 Ways To Start A Fire Without Matches

“There is a primal link between man and fire. Every man should know how to start one. A manly man knows how to start one without matches. It’s an essential survival skill. You never know when you’ll find yourself in a situation where you’ll need a fire, but you don’t have matches. Maybe your single […]


Turning Oil Tanker Trucks Into Homes

My Dad would fricken love this. Not so sure about mum though. If she has trouble with the idea of a standard issue caravan, well. “There are many marvelous ideas for turning old buildings into new habitable structures, but unless the existing units are modular the plans can rarely apply to multiple similar structures over […]


Basics on Water Storage, Resupply, and Purification

“Of all the resources that a prepper has to be concerned about in the event of a disruption of civilization, Practical Preppers consultant Scott Hunt says that water is the most critical need. “You can’t last very long without it,” Hunt explains. “Just how long may be affected by the temperature and how much you’re […]