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Bath Salts Recipe: Homemade Bath Salt Soak With Essential Oils

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Every now and then; a woman just needs a good spa treatment with detoxing bath salts. But we can’t always get away to a spa, or it’s far too expensive. The next best thing is to create your own spa by indulging in some aromatherapy homemade bath salts in a warm tub with candles. Yet sometimes the essential oil bath salts are expensive or hard to find. The best solution is to simply make your own; and you will be amazed at just how many of the ingredients you will already have on hand!

How to Make Detox Bath Salts

Just so we are on the same page; when I say bath salts I mean the mixture of Epsom salt with other ingredients to make a nice relaxing bath soak. Not the new zombie drug. Just thought I should clear that up right away.

DIY Bath soaking salts with Essential Oils

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This is a useless post. The actual recipe is difficult so identify, the website one is sent to is almost unreadable, and I never did find the recipe.

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