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Homemade Apple Juice In A Washing Machine!

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“We are very lucky, or blessed, in many ways, as some of you already know, but one particular way happens to be that we live in the heart of ‘apple tree central’. Seriously. There are so many overgrown apple orchards that a short walk down the road can easily warrant you a good cold sore!

It’s so disheartening to watch so many apples fall, that we always scramble to harvest and process as many as possible this time of year. One of the things we’ve always wanted to do was press apple juice out of the soft windfalls, but with our big family we knew we’d need a quick method, otherwise it would be consumed as fast as it was produced.

Unfortunately, in the last few years, our attempts have ended up being too much work and mess and, as we stood by and scratched our heads, the season would quickly pass us by… But not this year!…”

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