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How To Make A Cross Bow

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The crossbow is one of those inventions that changed history.

Prior to its invention, an archer might train for years before developed the strength and proficiency to be an effective warrior.

With the crossbow a modicum of training could turn even the meanest peasant into a soldier.

Additionally, through the use of mechanical cocking mechanisms, brute strength was no longer a limiting factor.

All that aside, here’s my attempt to design and build a crossbow…”

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Don’t you guys read the news. Kind of insensitive after yesterdays incident in Spain.


Really> You should be ashamed to post this after the many incidents over the years. It is not a sport or a toy.


Peter John O’Connor….this will interest you my friend….


    Interesting weapon – a cross between a bow and a gun. Far older than most think. Well known and used by the Romans but perfected long before by the Chinese who had a repeater version – the world’s first machine-pistol . Totally illegal in Ireland, even as a child’s toy.

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