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How To Make A Natural Bleach Alternative

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“I looked at lots and lots of “bleach alternatives” and to be honest wasn’t extremely impressed with any of them. First of all, MOST of the homemade bleach alternative solutions I came across combined Hydrogen Peroxide and Vinegar which shouldn’t be mixed together in the same container.

Mixing the two results in Peracetic Acid, which is a strong oxidizing agent used for high level disinfection. It’s popular in the food industry because it breaks down into water, oxygen and acetic acid (vinegar), making it very environmentally friendly. But studies have found it is very irritating to the skin, eyes, nose, throat, and lungs. So probably NOT a good idea to use it on your laundry.

Then I came across this…”

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Amy Scott Lawton


hydrogen peroxide loses potency when exposed to light. notice it always comes in dark brown plastic bottles? wonder if you could save a recycled dark plastic jug and use that…or mix just the lemon juice and water. then, doing the math, add the percentage needed of the hydrogen peroxide directly from its brown bottle into the wash along with the lemon-water mix.


What is the % of hydrogen peroxide you added? tx

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