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Skills That Pay The Bills: Self-Employment For Homesteaders

“You finally did it! You managed to get away from the madness of urban life and build your own homestead. Now you raise your own meals; you take care of the land, buildings, livestock and a home. That sweet taste of freedom and accomplishment that homesteading brings is beyond compare to your old way of life.

But, you still have that 8-5 grind and, chances are, you now spend extra time in a daily commute from your homestead to the place where you serve that 8-5 grind. The quest for the almighty dollar drives you to keep up that grind in the pursuit to meet your financial needs.

However, could your homestead enable you to leave that grind? Is there a hidden opportunity lurking within all the labor you have invested in your homestead? Is it possible that your homesteading skills are offering you an alternative way to make a living? Has self-employment become a viable option for you?…”

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