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Wattle Fencing Ideas & Inspiration

“Historically moveable hurdles were employed for pasture and livestock rotation. We have been wattle making (wattling) since Neolithic times. Waddling (by ducks and such) has been going on for even longer.

The upright stakes are sometimes called “sales” and the saplings called ‘weavers’. Hazel, willow, sweet chestnut, plum, forsythia or any supple, long, straight, slender saplings make good weavers. Newly cut, green wood is best and easiest. Willow is an exception as it can be soaked to become more supple.

Use thin, long branches -or- larger saplings that are cut down the center (cleft) as ‘weavers’. The saplings you choose should be long enough to weave around at least three stakes (preferably more) for stability.

The weavers are woven around the ‘sales’ like basketry. The simplest weave would be to weave each row of saplings alternating around the stakes, the next row is woven on the opposite side of the stake from the sapling below it. Each sapling row should be firmly pressed down…”

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