Family Quits City Life To Live Off-Grid In A Giant Yurt… – Eco Snippets

Family Quits City Life To Live Off-Grid In A Giant Yurt…

Family Quits City Life To Live Off-Grid In A Giant Yurt...

Lucy is living off-grid with her family, in a yurt, in New Zealand, while unschooling their kids, running a farm, and freelancing as a digital nomad. The family quit their jobs, sold their home, and sold most of their belongings, and left London to go live off-grid in a tiny house a.k.a. a yurt in New Zealand.

They earn an income through Lucy’s freelance writing work, and by renting their smaller yurt on Airbnb, and they also plan to earn an income from their farm once they’ve had more time to get it up and running.

Lucy and Tim currently unschool their two children, which is a “an educational method and philosophy that advocates learner-chosen activities as a primary means for learning.” Check out the ins and outs of this alternative lifestyle below…

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Jax Anderson as if you wouldn’t live in a yurt!


That’s a Very Expensive Yurt.


    Bloody sensible of them

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