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Homemade Brown Sugar

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“My hubby created a reminder list on our iPhones specifically for groceries. We can add to this list something that we need and we can see it when we log onto that list at the store. It’s ingenious. That’s my hubby. He’s handy like that.

But somehow, even with this technological advantage at my fingertips, it never fails that I run out of something right in the middle of a recipe. That’s the impetus behind today’s recipe for Homemade Brown Sugar.

A batch of partially made chocolate chip cookie dough sat on the counter when I realized the brown sugar bowl was empty. I was either going to have to run to the grocery store (not literally, mind you), or improvise. You can see which path I chose…”

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Amy Scott Lawton


🙂 I recall when I was about 4yrs old on my grand father’s farm. He and his workers were cooking up this GIGANTIC POT of sugar cane syrup to make natural brown sugar. I had a very fortunate childhood in that I got to experience a different/ organic life many will never. We used to cut the sugar cane stalks, stripped the outer bark, chopped the cane into cubes and ate them fresh. Of course, you had to spit out the fibers. We did not have processed candy but there were natural sweet fruits everywhere in the tropics. Oh, my grandfather forbid consuming white refined sugar. He told his children and grandchildren they were toxic because chemicals had to be added to whiten the brown sugar.


But we in pakistan make it diffrently


That’s good!!! But why eat sugar???? You could have molasses or jaggery!!!

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