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How To Process Raw Honey With An Extractor

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“The first-first thing I want to say is, read the directions. It’s such a basic step and one I too often neglect in my zeal to try a new thing!  We’ve processed quite a bit of honey over the years but this was our first time using an extractor and, may I just say, hallelujah!  Can I get an amen?!!

Since we moved to Utah, we’ve had a really hard time keeping our hives alive (I’ve finally decided to wrap my hives in winter and make sure I feed them several times in early spring – dratted winter that lasts until June!!!) but this year we had one make it and start thriving early.

We had one honey super nearly filled so, since we were down in the bee yard hiving our swarm into a nearby hive, we decided to pull off the nearly filled honey super and process the honey out…”

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