Making Homemade Chicken & Beef Stock

“Making homemade stock is a great use of leftover chicken carcasses and can save you money from not having to buy chicken stock. Plus, it’s a lot healthier than pre-packaged stock and tastes better.

It sure what the difference was between stock and broth. Basically, broth is made from meat and stock is made from the bones with a little meat left on. Broth has a weaker flavor while stock has a rich, complex flavor that works well in many recipes from soup to sauces.

With chicken stock, all you need are the bones and carcass of a chicken, some onions, celery, carrots and some fresh herbs.”

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I love having home made stock in freezer for soup and risottos even better when the chooks are free range and from my own yard.


I’m afraid I cheat as the Mercado in Baza sells double packs of liquid chicken (and fish) stock at a very, very reasonable price.


It is best for the earth to avoid animal products!

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