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Texas Pepper Barbecue Sauce

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“Texas sauce is a tomato-based sauce with a tang from the vinegar and a subtle sweetness from brown sugar and molasses that is accompanied by a bit of a peppery kick on the end. The kick can vary, of course, and for this version we’ve made it easy to do so, simply adjusting the level of cayenne for hot versus not.

I am completely biased towards brisket in my barbecue consumption, and so I’ll just continue the partiality and favoritism and declare that this barbecue sauce is best served over thinly sliced pieces of smoked brisket, and because it would be mean not to, I’ll let Ole share his technique for making your own tomorrow morning. See, I have learned a few things about living with my heart…”

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My oldest son, Rodney, would like thisw as he can’t get anything hot enough- I would tone it down for myself but still sounds good.

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