The Busy (Or Lazy) Mom’s Guide To Food Preservation

“I know the thrills of garden produce are gone when my kiddos start groaning every time they see me chopping zucchini or green beans. The tomatoes they never seem to tire of, but they seem to lose enthusiasm for everything else by mid-September.

I’ve spent about ten years experimenting with different ways of preserving my garden bounty. Early on I really enjoyed making up different jams, salsas, compotes and chutneys. I still enjoy making those, but as the years passed and the demands of home and family compound I look more for the utilitarian methods that require very little time and effort. Here are my favorites. You will need only a few basic supplies…”

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Another side benefit of freezing tomatoes is that when they thaw, they lose a lot of water. It’s less boiling down time when making soups or sauce.

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