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Gardening With Children

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“Gardening is both a passion of mine and a way of life, and it’s important to me that my children experience the joys of digging in the earth and growing food. Gardening with young children is really quite wonderful – yes, you might have to re-do a few plantings, and some tasks do take a bit longer – but the sense of wonder and connection that develops from a child’s relationship with their garden is worth it.

Here are some of my best tips for gardening with children, from many, many hours spent in the garden with my two little ones. Start now – There’s no need to wait until children are older. Bring them into the garden now, and integrate them into your work flow. When my kids were babies, they were either on our back in a wrap or soft backpack, or they were on a blanket with a few toys.  We took frequent breaks to interact and play, and they enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine!…

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As I understand it, children make great compost.

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