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What To Do With Overgrown Zucchini – Recipes For Puree & Powder

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“We’ve all done it, we missed that one day of picking zucchini and the next day they are the size of Texas, what now? Here are a few things that I do when my zucchini is overgrown and no longer has that fresh tender taste of a smaller version.

First, cut the monster into slices and remove the middle part where all the seeds are.

You can now rinse and dry those seeds then use them for planting next year’s zucchini plant.

You want to make sure the seeds you choose have a line around the edges, and are plump and have a darker color. Seeds that are completely smooth, thin and light colored are not ready for replanting…”

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Jeanine Miller, you still have the dehydrator? Seems pretty easy.


    I never had the dehydrator


    Jeanine Miller Maybe Amy borrowed it.


Zoe Cooper Leah Cooper. In your spare time, Ladieeees. xx

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