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How To Use Lemon Balm To Ease Anxiety

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“Lemon balm’s uses are many. Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) is one of the best anxiety herbs.

John has been studying and studying for the past few months in order to take the National Boards for Acupuncture certification, and last week he finally had to take the test. As the date approached, John got more and more stressed out and depleted. At the same time he was dealing with his yearly hay fever, which lasts throughout the month of June for him. He was having anxiety, and he needed anxiety herbs.

Meanwhile, I was reading about Lemon Balm, and guess what I discovered? Lemon Balm is relaxing and soothing for the nerves! Also, it just happened to be one of the best anxiety herbs he could be taking.

Not only that, it’s a great general tonic…”

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Love this herb. So tasty. Tastes like lemon grass but more tender in texture. My hens fight each other for when I throw some into the coop. Grows quickly, easy to propagate by division, and comes back every year. I border my veggie garden with lemon balm to keep the deer away. They don’t like strong scents.


Mandolyn Simmons

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