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Saving Money On The Backyard Chicken Flock

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“Well whomever said keeping your own chickens was going to be cheap and save you money, LIED.

But the benefits of keeping chickens FAR outweigh the costs.

Don’t get me wrong, a backyard chicken flock is about as good as it gets. You control what goes into your chickens crops, catch some free entertainment, get free poop for your compost, and of course… delicious, nutrient dense eggs for your table.

If you want good organic eggs, you’ve got to feed your chickens organic feed. And that can be quite pricey and it quickly adds up if you’ve got more than 10 chickens.

While we still feed our flock of 30 a local organic ration, there are a few ways we save on feed…”

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Sheryl Gluchowski


It’s clickbait. The original post no longer exists


Would be great if I could actually read the bloody post.

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