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The Deep Litter Method – Chicken Coop Winter Composting

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“The past few winters, I would trudge down in the cold and ice to clean out the coop every other week or so.  I would remove all the straw bedding, then sprinkle DE (diatomaceous earth) and replace the straw with new bedding.  The old soiled bedding would sit, partially frozen, in our compost pile until spring.  I didn’t enjoy doing it, it didn’t seem practical and I knew there had to be another way.

There is another, better way: it’s called the Deep Litter Method.  I had read about this, but never tried it. It is an almost-forgotten old-timers’ method that allows manure and bedding in the coop to accumulate and decompose inside the coop all winter, then in the spring you clean the whole thing out and have beautiful compost for your spring garden…”

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It is the best way to see nature at work. 🙂


Ali Lin Ali Fromader Schultz


    We are already using this method.

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