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13 Pioneer Skills You May Need

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“This week in Utah we celebrate Pioneer Day.

Pioneer Day is a state holiday commemorating the arrival of the first band of Mormon Pioneers to the Salt Lake Valley on July 24th, 1847.

So in honor of those great pioneers of the past, here are thirteen skills that were everyday to them that you may want to learn.

Most are skills that will be useful even now, while some may be more necessary in a grid down type situation…”

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My son thinks we are nuts for doing more and more stuff at home, like harvesting our own game or making our own soap, that is until he tasted the wild game and tried the homemade soap. in fact he decided that Pheasant was going to be our Christmas dinner tradition, but, only as long as I could prove that I indeed shot them myself, spitting #6 shot is the proof he needed.


I think MOST of us are sadly lacking in at least one of these areas. Probably more. I know I am

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