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5 Survival Uses Of Pine Resin

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“Pine resin has multiple uses for survival. This sap is produced by the pine tree to seal up cuts or damages to the tree. If you ever find yourself lost in a wilderness environment, having a pine tree in the area is one of the best case scenarios you can hope for.

There are many different species of pine trees but they generally prefer open and sunny areas. They are found abundantly throughout North America, they are also found throughout Central America, Europe, North Africa, in the Caribbean region, and in some places in Asia.

Native Americans used pine sap for medicinal purposes. The resin is either chewed on or made into a beverage by mixing with water. It is known to be very effective in treating stomach ulcers and rheumatoid arthritis….”

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”You can also make turpentine if you distill the gum properly.
Pine needle tea is excellent for you.
Pine nuts are a tasty addition to your food.
Open and dry pine cones can be used as fuel for your fire
You can even eat the bark (actually, the rich layer of inner bark) http://www.survivaltopics.com/survival/edible-pine-bark/” Quote from the comments on the actual page.


I’ve used four out of the five

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