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Making A Sycamore Twig Whistle

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“I am still receiving hate mail from the parents and teachers of all the kids I’ve shown how to make one of these nifty Sycamore whistles because they are incredibly LOUD.

In fact they are so loud that they could be used in an emergency situation to attract attention from potential rescuers.

The international distress signal is 6 whistle blasts in quick succession.

The best thing about a Sycamore twig whistle is how simple they are to make. The whole thing is made from a single twig, and all you need to make one is a sharp knife, and a bit of practice.

These whistles don’t have to be made from Sycamore. Other woods such as Willow will work, but I prefer to use Sycamore whenever possible because it’s easy to remove the bark in one piece…”

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Interesting, not that I actually want to be found but it could come in handy at some point.


My dad used to make these when we’d go out on camping trips.


My dad taught me how to do this about 25 years ago

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