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Wonder Ovens To Save On Fuel Storage

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“We have been counseled to store a year’s worth of food and fuel where possible.

The food I have but fuel is a whole other issue. I quickly realized that it was logistically impossible to store a year’s worth of any kind of fuel for a family as large as mine.

Especially considering the types of food we store, long grain rice, dry beans, etc.  Items that have to boil for hours to be edible.

I was looking at mountains of propane, or charcoal, or whatever.  Just not feasible.

Then I discovered the Wonder Oven…”

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I’ve got mine…Have to actually use one day.


I would stay away from the plastic, though, heat can make it change and fumes of it can get into the food, even minutely. So, be wary. During WW2 a solid sided wooden crate was used, insulated with straw and the pot nestled inside. A pillow would be put on top and then a wooden “lid” weighted down with a couple of cast iron irons or some other equally heavy thing. This is demonstrated in the UK show “The Wartime Farm” by Ruth Goodman. Loads of good ideas in those shows.


    (Y) <3 exactly, we don't need to re-invent the wheel, we can just look to how our anchestors did things.. they were not stupid, that's just sociopathic propaganda.

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