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How To Grow Watermelon From Seed With Milk

“Milk and watermelon may not be a common combination in the diet, but they are  good friends in the garden. Milk can be used during two stages of watermelon gardening. The first application is to soak the seeds in milk to help them germinate faster – a real plus if you are in colder areas with short […]


The Benefits Of Mustard In The Garden

Mustard is said to help suppress weed growth and provides a living mulch… “The advantage of sowing mustard are that it disinfects and regenerates the soil, it stimulates the life of the soil and curbs nematodes, especially potato root eelworm, which is why it is so useful to sow the seed. It gives the feared […]


Epson Salt: A Must-Have For Home & Garden

Epsom “Salt”… not really a salt at all but two minerals that our body actually uses and needs. “Epsom salt is made up of magnesium and sulfate, which can help improve health in numerous ways. A lack of magnesium—which helps regulate the activity of more than 300 enzymes in the body— can contribute to high […]


Backyard Solar Powered Aquaponics System

So you want to raise organic vegetables and fish in your own backyard without soil or fertilizer? Here’s a nice system from Renewable DIY. Specifications… Fish Tank – 4’ x 6’ x 22” deep, holds about 344 gallons of water and can support around 172 pounds of fish easily depending on type of fish Grow Bed […]


Simple Method To Grow Garlic

“Did you know that one clove or bulb of garlic, when planted, can produce up to an additional twenty cloves? So instead of tossing out your garlic that’s started to sprout, plant it instead! Simply plant garlic cloves individually. If they’ve started to sprout, even better! Otherwise plant them with the pointy end up. Make […]


How To Grow 100 Pounds Of Potatoes In 4 Steps

Container gardening isn’t only for savvy urban gardeners and folks with limited space to grow, it can also be for folks who want to maximize their yields in a controlled environment. Not only does growing potatoes in a barrel reduce the amount of weeding and exposure to pests and fungi, you don’t even have to […]


How To Grow Asparagus

“My family didn’t grow asparagus when I was a child. We found it. My dad had a sharp eye for the tender green spears that grew wild along roadsides near our home in Piqua, a wisp of a town in southeastern Kansas. He could spot even a single spear when he took the family on […]


How To Grow Cucamelons

Doll’s house-sized ‘watermelons’ that taste of pure cucumber with a tinge of lime. These little guys are officially the cutest food known to man & oh-so-easy to grow even for real beginners. Cucamelons can be grown in pretty much the exact same way as regular cucumbers, only they are far easier. They don’t need the […]


Get Your Garden Off the Ground

If you’re interested in gardening on any level, it’s nearly impossible not to notice that vegetables are once again enjoying the gardening spotlight. Like everything else, the gardening trend has taken a twist. Large expanses of cultivated land have been swapped out for raised beds, containers, and one of the easiest and rewarding veggie gardening […]