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How To Make An Underground Greenhouse

One of the main principles involves embedding the greenhouse in the earth to take advantage of the earth’s constant temperature, to store the solar energy collected during the day. Water barrels can also be used to store the thermal heat and carry it through the night or cloudy days (which are not as cold).  Water […]


The Low-Tech Art of Drying Herbs

“A bumper crop of basil, lemon balm and savory is wonderful, but what you do with it after you bring it in is every bit as important as the harvest itself. Although I preserve herb flavors in jellies, vinegars and pesto, air-drying is still my favorite way to store the major part of summer’s herbal […]


More Vertical Gardening Ideas

Vertical gardening is a pretty sweet option for those of us with limited space, and/or bad backs! In this example we can see lettuce trays attached to the weather boards of a house. Pretty nice idea, and relatively cheap to setup as well. More ideas include using old wine racks and shoe organizers (yeah, seriously)… More […]


Take The Guess Work Out Of Seed Spacing

One ruler to rule them all – Here’s a novel idea to take the guess work out of seed and plant spacing. This handy 1 meter ruler has pre-drilled seed sowing holes with metric and imperial graduations. It also has a vegetable spacing guide printed right on it. If you’re looking to optimize plant spacing in […]


Bring More Bees Into Your Garden

This awesome bamboo hanging “bee house” will attract more bees into your garden… “Boost your garden’s productivity by providing a happy home for peaceful, non-stinging Mason bees. Slightly smaller than honeybees, mason bees are incredible pollinators. Each one visits as many as 1000 blooms per day — 20 times as many as a honeybee! Hang […]


Franken Seeds – Hybrid Seeds vs GMOs

Hybrid Seeds. Genetically-modified (GMO) seeds. Heirloom seeds. The labels often confuse people. Not a single day passes without some well-meaning reader leaving a comment like this one: “GMOs are perfectly safe. Farmers and gardeners have been cross-breeding seeds like this for thousands of years. Take off your tinfoil hats, people!” Um… no. Just no. Farmers […]


Rain Water Storage Barrel System

Rain barrels collect rainfall and store it, so that it can be used later. There are 3 main components – The roof, the barrel, and the hose. These are not always a roof, barrel, and hose, but those functions will be present in almost every system (collection, storage, and output). A very common setup is […]


Growing Up To 72 Plants In A 55 Gallon Drum

Gardening space at a premium? Well here’s an interesting idea. Go poke a bunch of holes in a 55 Gallon drum and you’ve just gone and got your own vertical garden that can grow up to 72 individual plants! A great and cheap solution to really increase the growing capacity of your crops in limited space areas […]

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