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How I Made Wild Blackberry Cider

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Well, everyone, I made Blackberry Cider, all by myself! OK,  so I have to start off by telling you that I don’t have any real experience with brewing anything besides kombucha (which you should totally try, if you haven’t!)

Four out of five of my brothers like to brew all sorts of alcoholic beverages, so my main source of experience is in tasting stuff and being interested in what other people are doing. Also, I tend to have an aversion to following instructions.

If anything, all of these qualifiers should serve to encourage you to try brewing, especially if you are good at following recipes, or don’t mind winging it. Even without any guidance, I managed to come up with a wild culture and make a really nice brew.  Once again, this is less of a specific recipe and more of a “Look what I did, I’ll bet you can too!” sort of post.  I’ll give you some helpful links.


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I would call that a ‘Wine’ & have made it myself. It is really excellent if allowed to ferment to termination and then freeze distilled to make the equivalant of a Blackberry Schnapps or Brandy. Yields approx 1qt per Gallon of wine & takes several days to freeze distill.
I personally reserve the word ‘Cider’ for juice made from apples. Fermented Cider is ‘Hard Cider’, freeze distilled Hard Cider yields ‘Apple Jack’ and Cider sweetened with honey & fermented makes a very nice beverage called ‘Cyser’.

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