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How To Raise Grass-Fed Lamb Like A Boss

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“I never EVER thought, in the history of the world, that I would become a PRO at raising grass-fed lamb. But alas, here I am. Like I’ve said before, once I got the farming-itch (not to be confused with a gross kind of itch) I couldn’t stop. I’m rapidly turning into the weird goat lady. Never heard of it? It’s like the new cat lady. Except for being an old-maid, there’s usually a reluctant husband in the background (that secretly loves goats!) Right Kevin? Right?…

Lambs are very different than goats. The biggest difference is that lambs/sheep aren’t total brats like goats are. Lets see, how can I explain this? Lambs are like your own children — sweet and adorable. Goats are like the neighbor kids down the street — always asking for food and making a mess faster than you can say go home…”

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