Best Selling Hand Pruning Saws – Reviews…

Best Selling Hand Pruning Saws - Reviews...

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Best Selling Hand Pruning Saws – Reviews…

Hand pruning saws are useful for cutting back larger tree branches that hand pruning shears and loppers just aren’t big enough to handle. In most cases, depending on the length of the blade, they will cut anywhere from 5″- 10″ thick branches without issue.

They come in two main types, folding and fixed.

Folding saws fold up into their handles to protect the blade and teeth from knocks during transport & storage. Of course, they also ensure the teeth are kept away from you too. Folding saws are not only great for pruning around the garden, but they’re very useful for taking camping, hiking or hunting due to their light weight and compact design.

Fixed saws have blades that are fixed into place on the handle and don’t fold away. As a result they’re not really suitable to take camping due to their size, but they will usually come with a protective sheath for safe storage.

One other major difference is that some hand pruning saws will only cut on the “pull” action (when you pull the saw back towards you), whilst others will cut on both the “pull” and “push” stroke. Those that cut on the “pull” and “push” will generally make a faster easier cut as you’re cutting twice as much with every stroke. Here are some of the best selling highest rated hand pruning saws currently available that you might like to add to your garden tool shed…

#1 [amazon link=”B0001IX7OW” /]

[amazon box=”B0001IX7OW”]

The Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw is not specifically a pruning saw, but rather an all purpose folding saw useful for many outdoor activities (including pruning around the garden). It’s listed here as it’s an extremely popular hand saw with more than 80% of customers rating it 5 out of 5 stars, with an overall satisfaction of 4.7 out of 5. So it’s a pretty popular and very well received hand saw, especially given the price.

It can be used for cutting both green and dry wood, plastic or bone, and given its portable size and cutting power is very popular with wildlife enthusiasts such as hunters and campers. It is light weight and compact, making it an ideal saw to tuck away in a backpack for camping trips. If you’re going to purchase a quality hand saw for pruning around the garden, you might as well get one that is highly useful for other tasks too.

The saw’s blade has a low friction rust protection coating to make cutting easier and to help extend it’s life. It also has 7 teeth per inch meaning more cutting with less sawing. It also cuts on both the “push” and the “pull” making it twice as effective as a hand saw that only cuts in one direction. The blade folds up into it’s comfortable plastic handle automatically engaging a safety lock for storage & transport. The blade itself is 7″ and when folded the entire saw is just 9″. This is a very popular, very “handy”, hand saw. As previous customers have said…

“I had decided on the saw well before finding it here and let me tell you it did not disappoint. I used it to prune some growth off of the lower section of my oak trees, because I don’t like being on a ladder with a chainsaw going, and the saw performed excellent. With what seemed like only a few strokes I was through the oak branches. It worked so well I even used the saw to break them down further into more manageable pieces. The saw is great and all reviews saying so were correct…”

“Recently purchased this saw and knife and used the saw on a backpacking trip along the AT in northern Georgia. I used it to cut down a 40-ft dead tree with trunk diameter of about 4-inches and then used it to cut up the tree into fire-logs. It did amazing. Highly recommend this saw…”

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[amazon link=”B0001IX7OW” /]

#2 [amazon link=”B001RD7LRO” /]

[amazon box=”B001RD7LRO”]

The Corona RazorTOOTH Folding Pruning Saw is a professional pruning saw for dealing with thick tree branches. It has a 10 inch blade that is ideal for cutting branches around 5″-6″ in diameter.

The curved taper-ground blade is made from impulse hardened steel for longer life and to help keep it’s 6 teeth per inch sharper for longer. It’s teeth are also 3 sided for more efficient cutting and this pruning saw cuts on the “pull” action.

The handles are ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip, and the blade folds up into this and can be secured with a latch for safe storage and transport. You can also purchase replacement blades in the future if required. This is a very solid hand pruning saw that will tackle most jobs you can throw at it with ease. As previous customers have said…

This is a handy tool. Has held up for extensive use and arrived quickly. Would recommend to any homeowner that has landscaping trees and bushes…”

“This is WELL worth the money !!! I used this all day without any problems what so ever. No blistering, it locks open and closed with ease…”

“I’ve owned several folding saws before, including a few designed for backpacking and a few designed for pruning, and this is, by far, the best…”

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[amazon link=”B001RD7LRO” /]

#3 [amazon link=”B06XCZN5H3″ /]

[amazon box=”B06XCZN5H3″]

The Tarvol Heavy Duty Pruning Saw is a fixed blade (non-folding) 14″ Japanese Style pruning saw designed to cut larger tree branches up to 8 inches thick. It’s curved blade has razor sharp teeth at 7 teeth per inch and it cuts on both the “push” and the “pull” stroke to make cutting through branches much easier and more efficient.

It’s has an ergonomic cushioned handled shaped in “pistol grip” making it easier to handle and giving you more grip for the sawing action. The saw also comes with a storage sheath to place the saw into for storage and transport. Tarvol guarantees all of it’s products and tools for life so you’re protected against any manufacturing defaults. If you’re looking for a high quality standard hand pruning saw, then this is a good option to consider. As previous customers have said…

My husband has used this hand saw quite a bit. He says that it cuts easily both on the push and pull strokes. The handle is comfortable to use…”

“When you decide to thin a cactus garden, you need good tools. The overgrown yucca that was hiding all the other plants was too soft and pulpy to use the small chain saw, but it was too big for clippers or loppers. This long pruning saw looked like it would do the job and it did. I was able to reach into the middle of the prickly plants and with just a few strokes cut off the offending plant. It is sharp and sturdy and also stood up to other pruning jobs with harder wood. Some one-star reviews complained that the saw was difficult to get out of its holster. Don’t you worry. If an 82-year-old woman can disconnect the two, so can you….”

The blade is plenty sharp, good length, minimal flex, and the curve is great for staying on the wood and powering straight through big limbs…”

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[amazon link=”B06XCZN5H3″ /]

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