Best Selling Tree Pruning Shears & Loppers – Reviews…

Best Selling Tree Pruning Shears & Loppers - Reviews...

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Best Selling Tree Pruning Shears & Loppers – Reviews…

Tree pruning shears are used to cut and prune larger trees with thicker branches that hand shears simply can’t manage. They provide the same function as hand shears, however they’re made from thicker steel and are more heavy duty in order to handle bigger branches. They also have longer handles allowing you to reach higher branches, but more importantly the longer handles are designed to give you more leverage to make cutting easier.

Tree pruning shears are also often referred to as loppers and there are two main types. “Bypass Loppers” and “Anvil Loppers”. Anvil Loppers have an upper blade that closes onto a bottom flat “anvil” so it’s the top blade that actually makes the cut. These are primarily used for cutting back deadwood and branches and “preparatory cuts”, cuts that occur before a final cut is made with bypass loppers.

Bypass loppers have a top blade the sweeps past the lower jaw to give a cleaner cut, as the cut is made using both jaws. These are used where the health of the plant your pruning matters, as they give a cleaner final cut reducing the chances that any diseases can take hold. As such Anvil loppers can be used to remove all older (and usually tougher) dead wood from a tree, and bypass loppers are used to prune back green growth and other living material.

In either case you want to ensure the cutting edges of the blades are sharp in order to make your job easier, and you should also ensure you clean them after use to remove any resin build up and plant residue. This can be done using soapy water or rubbing alcohol, and then ensuring they are dried properly before storing away. Here are the best selling and highest rated Bypass and Anvil Loppers currently available on the market…

#1 [amazon link=”B00004SD74″ /]

[amazon box=”B00004SD74″]

Fiskars PowerGear Lopper’s are extremely popular with more than 80% of customers rating them 5 out of 5 stars. These Bypass Loppers are 32 inches in length and are made from fully hardened steel. They have a cutting capacity up to 2 inches in diameter and the sharp precision ground blades have a corrosion resistant non-stick coating to reduce friction and make cutting & cleaning after use easier.

One standout feature about these loppers is their patented “PowerGear” technology which helps to increase leverage and make cutting easier than traditional single pivot loppers. They claim to give you up to three times more power on every cut, without having to increase the amount of strength required to use them. This has been backed up based on “ease of use” feedback from gardeners that have purchased and are using these for their tree pruning.

The handles on the Fiskars PowerGear Lopper’s are made from reinforced fiberglass composite materials (FiberComp) which means they’re a lot lighter than steel handles, making them easier and more comfortable to handle whilst maintaining their strength, particularly if you have a lot of tree pruning to do. These are a great quality Bypass Lopper, at a very reasonable price, and to top it off they come with a Lifetime Warranty. As previous customers have said…

“These cut through pretty much anything. I have bent the handlers on other loppers. but these are very rigid and there is no flex of play…”

“I love just about all things Fiskars and find their products to be the best quality for a reasonable price. These loppers are no exception. If you can fit the limb inside the cutting head you can lop it off. I was worried when I was cutting some 2″ oak that I might break the handles because I was really standing on it but this thing cut right through without so much as a grunt! (OK I was grunting) The gears on the handles really reduce the amount of force you need to input to cut through limbs. Best set of loppers I’ve ever owned…”

“If you’re looking for a lopper with large capacity that can be used by nearly anyone, this is probably the best and most economical choice available…”

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[amazon link=”B00004SD74″ /]

#2 [amazon link=”B003BC79KS” /]

[amazon box=”B003BC79KS”]

Fiskars Ratchet Drive Anvil Lopper are specifically designed to cut tough thick tree branches with their built in ratchet mechanism. This allows you to compound the force of the cut with each squeeze of the handles, powering a cut through extremely thick tough branches and deadwood.

The sharp blades are made from fully hardened precision ground steel, which are attached to a steel exoskeleton with solid and comfortable DuraFrame handles. They have a maximum cutting capacity up to 2 inches in diameter and come with a lifetime warranty. If you need to cut back a lot of deadwood, these quality Anvil Loppers will hold up to the job. As previous customers have said…

“I have had a pair of these for years and love them. The ratchet mechanism makes it so much easier to cut thicker branches with less effort. After Hurricane Matthew, I took mine to help my parent’s home to help them clear their yard from the debris. My father liked them so much, I bought these for his Christmas gift…”

“Have used these loppers for about two years now. They work so good that my twin brother and father actually asked for their own pair to replace their other brands. Cuts through large branches with ease and the best part is the warranty of the product. I have used the axes by Fiskars and the customer service is outstanding and will send a replacement quickly if you run into issues. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a great pair of loppers…”

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[amazon link=”B003BC79KS” /]

#3 [amazon link=”B01E5NQ2U4″ /]

[amazon box=”B01E5NQ2U4″]

The TABOR TOOLS GG12 Compound Action Anvil Lopper comes in at 30 inches in length and has a 2 inch cutting capacity. The blade is made from hardened carbon steel to ensure it retains it’s sharpness even after heavy use. It also has a low fiction non-stick coating to make cutting and cleaning after use much easier. It also has replacement cutting blades available so you don’t have to replace the entire tool should you require newer blades in the future.

These loppers also have a compound lever system that includes multiple pivot points which increases the amount of force applied to the blades to help power through extremely tough branches. The handles are also made from painted steel ensuring they’re extremely sturdy. They also have rubberized grip handles for comfortable use and excellent grip.

You know you have a high quality gardening tool when more than 90% of gardeners using these have rated the loppers 5 out of 5 stars. As previous customers have said…

“I have used various loppers over the years, but this one is my first anvil type lopper. I had no idea what I was missing. Cutting with this tool just seems easier and cleaner, especially for dry wood and thicker branches. I purchased a new bypass lopper at the same time I bought this anvil lopper, and although the bypass lopper works great, I found myself leaving the bypass lopper on the ground and using this anvil lopper 95% of the time. It’s sturdy, solid, and strikes me as very well made…”

“I have 7 fruit trees. Pruning time is not something I look forward to. My previous bypass pruners had difficulty going through larger branches and often did not make clean cuts. This lopper is an animal, and cuts through very large branches relatively easy. It always makes clean cuts. I used it for all size branches, large and small, because it could handle everything and did a cleaner job. They seem to be very good quality. I worked them really hard and no signs of damage or wear so far…”

More Details Here >

[amazon link=”B01E5NQ2U4″ /]

#4 [amazon link=”B01E5LAHHA” /]

[amazon box=”B01E5LAHHA”]

TABOR TOOLS Bypass Lopper’s are 22 inches in length and have a cutting capacity of 1.25 inches. They are made from fully hardened carbon steel and the blades have a low fiction non-stick coating to make cutting and cleaning after use much easier. The painted steel handles make them extremely robust and these also have rubber handles for greater comfort and extra grip.

They also have a shock absorbing bumper to help stop jarring movements and vibrations, which in turn reduces arm and shoulder fatigue after continued use. The Bypass Loppers have excellent feedback from previous customers, and are a really good buy for the price. As previous customers have said…

“These are a-m-a-z-i-n-g! I am a senior woman with arthritis in my hands, which means not a tremendous amount of strength…these are so easy to use, even when reaching overhead. I wanted to start trimming all my neighbors’ vegetation, too! Can’t say enough good things…”

“Wow, these are a phenomenal tool for the garden. Cuts through wood as if the handles were twice the length they are while at the same time being lightweight and compact. They can chomp through diameters greater than 1 inch for sure, though obviously tackling larger diameters will ultimately dull the edges sooner. The handles are comfortable for prolonged use, too. Would definitely recommend!”

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[amazon link=”B01E5LAHHA” /]

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