Best Selling Hedge Pruning Shears – Reviews…

Best Selling Hedge Pruning Shears & Loppers - Reviews...

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Best Selling Hedge Pruning Shears – Reviews…

Hedge pruning shears are designed for cutting or pruning hedges or shrubs (small bushes) in order to cut back excessive new growth. This will not only give your hedge or shrub a tidy appearance, but it also helps to promote new growth and improve the overall health of the plant in question.

Out of all of the pruning tools in a gardeners arsenal, hedge pruning shares have the longest blades, allowing you to cut more growth back in a single cut. That makes them ideal for tackling larger jobs in a shorter period of time i.e. a hedge row. It also allows you to shape a plant more quickly than if you were to use standard hand pruning shears.

Usually the average gardener will keep a high quality pair of regular hedge pruning shears handy in the garden tool shed. They’re very useful for the odd job here and there. However, if you have a large amount of hedge pruning to do on a regular basis, you might also want to consider investing in an electric hedge trimmer to save time. These come in both corded (requires an extension cord and power outlet) or battery operated varieties.

Keep in mind that whilst it might be tempting, hedge pruning shears are not designed for intricate tree pruning or to prune medium to large sized tree branches. If you do try to cut tree branches, you’re more than likely to end up hacking at them multiple times. That will leave the cut stem much more prone to catching diseases.

For a cleaner cut, and a much easier one, you should always prune your tree branches with a high quality pair of tree pruning shears (also referred to as tree pruning loppers). For more intricate pruning, standard hand pruning shears are the right tool for the job. Listed below are some of the best selling, highest quality, hedge pruning shears currently available…

#1 [amazon link=”B00A9LYZU6″ /]

[amazon box=”B00A9LYZU6″]

The ARS HS-KR1000 Professional Hedge Shears come in as the highest rated hedge pruning shears on Amazon with a 93% 5 out of 5 satisfaction rating. These are professional high quality garden hedge shears that will last a lifetime with proper care, however the price does reflect that (almost 2-3 times the price of other hedge pruning shears).

These shears are made from high quality Japanese steel, both handle and blades, making them extremely robust & durable. They also come with an adjustable pivot bolt if you need to make blade adjustments for tension, and replacement blades are available if needed in the future. If you’re looking for some seriously high quality manual hedge pruning shears, ones that professional landscapers prefer, these are the shears for you. As previous customers have said…

“I’ve used numerous hedge sheers through the years to shape and prune various hedges and bushes and kr1000 puts them all to shame. If you enjoy being creative in your trimming… think Edward Scissor hands, these Shears are for you. Great balance as well…”

“These are great – if you are getting manual hedge shears these are the ones to get. Most people will turn to a gas/electric hedge trimmer which is needed for the larger areas, but in some cases where manual trimmers make sense these are the best. Be sure to dry them off after cutting – the moisture in the plants can rust these if left wet…”

“These are EXCELLENT! Worth every penny. I am a professional gardener/landscaper and I have never used anything close to these. I do landscape maintenance at a Botanical Garden and I use these for Formal hedges, ornamental grass cutback, and Perennial cutback. They are razor sharp, light and very easy to use. A Wonderful Product that I highly recommend…”

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[amazon link=”B00A9LYZU6″ /]

#2 [amazon link=”B075WBBQ7V” /]

[amazon box=”B075WBBQ7V”]

The TABOR TOOLS 24″ Manual Hedge Clippers are a good quality hedge clipper for a low price. If you don’t have a lot of hedge pruning to do on a regular basis, these could be a good option for you. The blades are made from carbon steel with a non stick coating to improve cutting performance and making cleaning them easier. They also have a wavy design to cut all of the way to the tip and produce crisper cuts.

The handles are made from aluminum to keep them light weight, and come with soft rubber handles for more comfortable grip. The shears also have a pivot bolt that allow you to adjust the tension of the blade for pruning different plants depending on their width. There is also the option to purchase these shears with telescopic handles for harder to reach places should you desire. As previous customers have said…

“I bought these shears based on reviews. I bought them to cut the grasses and weeds that grow around the base of my hedges where a weedwacker isn’t practical. And indeed, they ‘shear’ them like a knife thru butter. The blades seem of high quality and work well together. They do what I wanted them to do, and do it well…”

“If you have serious hedges to clip, buy these. I’ve been clipping hedges for years with assorted manual and electric clippers. On very soft-wood hedges. anything will work. On most hedges modest-priced electric clippers, at best, leave rough cuts not good for the hedges’ health. Most manual clippers do a better job but are a lot of work. These clippers almost make hedge clipping fun…”

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[amazon link=”B075WBBQ7V” /]

#3 [amazon link=”B00005LEX8″ /]

[amazon box=”B00005LEX8″]

The Fiskars 23 Inch PowerGear Hedge Shears are fantastic low cost garden shears that will tackle most pruning jobs the average gardener will have with relative ease. The have been built with a patented “PowerGear” gearing mechanism that amplifies the cutting force near the middle of the cut, where resistance tends to be greatest. This makes cutting 3 times easier than standard “single pivot” hedge shears, reducing the effort and workload required to cut your hedges.

These shears have been awarded the Arthritis Foundation Ease-of-Use Commendation for design, so you can rest assured, they are easy & comfortable to use. The blades are made from rust-resistant low friction steel that makes cutting easier and also makes them easier to keep clean after use. The handles are made from DuraFrame which is harder than, but also lighter than, steel. As previous customers have said…

“I just got these today. I couldn’t wait to try them. I thought I would have to pay someone to do the work these do. And I am happy to say I won’t. I am able to do it my self. They work fantastic. So easy to use with hardly any effort. Very sharp and cut right through my bushes. Nice long blades too that reach quite nicely. Very comfortable to use. To me they are just right for around the yard maintenance…”

“Hedges beware! Durable, sharp, clean scissor action. I may have gone a little hedge-killer crazy after this, as we can now see into my neighbor’s backyard through my privacy hedge. Ah well. These should last a lifetime…”

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[amazon link=”B00005LEX8″ /]

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