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"Plants Grown In Worm Castings Grew 3 Times Faster Than Identical Plants Grown In Potting Mix" - Learn How To Make Your Garden Thrive With Worm Composting - Click Here To Find Out How

Home Made Solar Water Distiller

“A few years ago a storm flooded the local water treatment facility leaving me and all my neighbors without water for several weeks. Partially motivated by this I designed a portable solar powered water distiller. The idea is that a person adds water from any source (assumed to be dirty, salty or otherwise unfit for […]


How To Make A Natural First Aid Kit With Herbs

“When I was in seventh grade, I made a first-aid kit for a science project. It  wasn’t very big, and it was rather basic, consisting mainly of adhesive  bandages, first-aid cream, gauze, sticky white tape, scissors and iodine. Over  the years, my idea of first aid has changed considerably. Some of the basic  items still […]


How To Store Food With A Vacuum Sealer

“A few years ago I inherited a Food Saver Vacuum Sealer from my mother-in-law. It came complete with lots of plastic bags, a couple of canisters and a funny looking cap thing called a “jar sealer”. I figured it was just another kitchen gadget that she saw on the TV and it looked like a […]


How Much Rainwater Can You Collect From Your Roof?

“We started off an earlier article about rainwater by suggesting that a few 55 gallon drums of water taken from your downspouts would be a great source of emergency water in a Level 1 type, at-home, emergency. If you’re planning for a short duration Level 1 situation, then you don’t need a lot of water, […]


Urban Foraging – How To Find Free Food In The City!

“If foragers search for edible wild plants, what do urban foragers do? Look for edible plants in the city, of course! Urban foraging is part of a larger movement towards sustainable living, urban homesteading, and guerrilla gardening. San Francisco, Portland, and New York City are leading the way with urban foraging communities and classes to […]


How To Make A Fishing Spear The Primitive Way

“The ultimate goal of the survivalist is NOT to build an arsenal of high tech gadgetry that will allow him/her to “survive” in the wilderness. Rather, the intention is to use modern equipment until the skill is mastered and to gradually liberate yourself from relying on it. As a survivalist, the ultimate freedom is being […]


How To Convert A Lawn Mower Into A Power Generator

“The first step is to remove the motor from the lawn mower base. Typically, there are 3 or 4 bolts holding the motor to the base, but before you remove them, you will need to remove the mower blade and the shaft coupler that holds the blade on the motor shaft. Getting the blade and […]


Solarize Your Backpack & Power All Your Gizmos

“In this instructable I’ll show you how to build a detachable solar panel and battery charger for your backpack. This can power or charge all your gadgets (cell phone, mp3 player…) while on the road. HAMs can use it to power small QRP transmitters and receivers on a field day etc. I was inspired by […]


Survival Gardening: 5 Unusual Grain Crops

“The most commonly grown grains in the world are: maize (corn), wheat, rice, and barley. These four crops together provide over 60% of the world’s food energy (FAO Staple Foods). And because they are so common, you can easily find these foods to buy and add to your stored food supply. Cornmeal, wheat berries, white […]