Couple Uses Affordable Solar Panel System To Power Their Full-Time RV Lifestyle…

Couple Uses Affordable Solar Panel System To Power Their Full-Time RV Lifestyle...

Jason and Nicki Wynn are full-time RVers. Having abandoned the daily grind for a life of travel and adventure, the couple now shares their ups and downs and trials and tribulations on their blog, Gone with the Wynns.

In this video, the Wynn’s talk about their solar system and how it’s used in their daily routine. Their RV is equipped with a total of 600 watts of solar, 480 watts coming from a roof-top flat panel and 120 watts coming from a portable solar system. As Jason and Nicki put it…

We love being out there, in the wild and so while staying in a campground with lots of amenities and full hookups has its allure; our absolute and favorite type of camping is Boondocking or as we like to say, Wild Camping! There is nothing better than driving deep into the wild where the views are never ending and the sounds are au nat-ur-el! Plus, it’s usually free…

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Melissa Morgentaler


Wonder what the affordable part is


Sailors do it all the time, wind is free, compare to 3 mpg.


sailors do it all the time without the 3 mpg gassing off into the atmosphere.

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