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Home Based Production Of Biodiesel From Waste Vegetable Oil

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“The first thing that needs to be done, after being assured that the oil does not contain water, is to find out what the levels of FFA’s (Free Fatty Acids) are in the oil.

This is done by the process of titration.

A reliable method of titration is a priority for the most commonly used method of producing home based Biodiesel.

The school of thought  on methods varies slightly from author to author, however it must show the accurate titration level in order for the proper  amount of catalyst, be it Sodium Hydroxide/NaOH, or  Potassium Hydroxide/KOH that is to be dissolved into the  Methanol/Methyl Hydrate forming a layman’s methoxide…”

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Good luck getting the vegetable oil, Most food places in Wisconsin sell it or have just one person that picks it up! Winters are tuff here with it and the cost to put a heating tank in costs plenty also it takes room out of your trunk unless you have AAA to call for a flat tire where the spare was left out fo the heated oil tank


I love this page I have gotten more information than all ohter sites combined Thanks and keep it coming


looks like honey lol

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