Pakistani Parliament Is The First In The World To Go Fully Solar…

Pakistani Parliament Is The First In The World To Go Fully Solar...

Earlier in 2016, the Pakistani Parliament became the first in the world to become completely powered by solar energy.

The panels installed in the house produce 80 MW of electricity, 62 MW of which are consumed by the National Assembly and 18 MW that are contributed to the national grid.

The Parliamentary speaker, Ayaz Sadiq, announced the change and thanked the Chinese government for its role in the solar upgrade.  The project was launched by Chinese President Xi Jinping and Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, while the Chinese President was in Pakistan in 2015. The project cost $55 million and was funded, in large part, by the Chinese government and is projected to save an estimated $267,265 per year

Sharif has claimed that the country’s energy crisis would end by 2018, as they are modernizing and fully engaging a solar culture (via Minds).

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Gives them more money to fund terrorism…


From now on they should make sunny and enlightened decisions 🙂


Yea but their president not working to get all his people back working in those great coal mines like ours!

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