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"Plants Grown In Worm Castings Grew 3 Times Faster Than Identical Plants Grown In Potting Mix" - Learn How To Make Your Garden Thrive With Worm Composting - Click Here To Find Out How

Homemade Fruit Roll Ups – Nothing But Fruit

I’m a candy gal. A gummi gal to be specific. I look for something sweet immediately after something savory. I know, I know. It’s a bad habit. In an attempt to help myself through my issues and help a reader who requested a recipe for something sweet that is low in sugar and carbs (though natural […]


How To Grow Spirulina – Superfood

“Having your own spirulina window farm is one of the easiest most satisfying things you could ever take on. It is an environmentally friendly way to produce and consume a complete protein and nutritional source! Algae Spirulina is 25 times more efficient per squared foot than any other plant, which makes it optimal for indoor […]


Over 50 Canning Recipes In Seasonal Order

“Canning season is quickly approaching as gardeners everywhere are planting their spring gardens and patiently waiting for the inevitable bounty. If you are like me, then you intentionally over plant so you will have leftovers to freeze and can for the winter months. I find having a well stocked pantry of canned foods makes meal planning and snack time […]


15 Great Grains: How To Cook, Dry To Cooked Ratios, And More!

“Whole grains are a staple in my plant-based diet, along with lots of starches, vegetables, beans and fruit. Whole grains are low in calories, satiating, and full of health benefits. One of the best things about grains is that there are so many wonderful kinds and many are interchangeable, which makes it easy to mix […]


Tips For Making Sausages

“With the kickoff of summer underway this Memorial Day weekend, tis the season for sausage, finally.  Though I would argue all seasons are sausage-worthy, warm weather means the grill-able meat tubes fly out of the case at an alarming rate, and I must be on my toes to keep up with demand. Over the past […]


Homemade Slow Cooker Chicken Stock

“I make chicken stock usually every couple of weeks. I have turned to making it in the slow cooker because I can toss everything in and not have to “babysit” it.  What I like doing is allowing it to cook overnight while I sleep, but this can be done throughout the course of the daytime while […]


Making Flavored Butters

“One of my favorite things about the holidays is all the yummy holiday treats. If you are on Pinterest or Facebook or read many blogs you are probably about on overload right now with yummy, delicious sweet treats.  Every one is sharing their favorite holiday treats. Most of them full of sugar – myself included!! […]


Salad In A Jar Stays Fresh For More Than A Week

“My number one secret for eating dessert without dieting is eating a large salad in a jar every day for lunch. Here’s why I, a reformed salad-hater, now love salad: 1.  Limitless variations of dressing and add-ons 2. Gives wiggle room for small indulgences the rest of the day 3. Adds fiber and bulk to […]


Nettle Seed Salt

“In the beginning, there was a seed. A small, unassuming thing, that contained all of the potential in the world. A seed of knowledge, a seed of intention, a seed of change. I often picture the web of life as a series of movements and pauses– potentials, probabilities, things reaching their pinnacle and then starting […]


The Definitive Guide To Traditional Food Preparation & Preservation

“Before huge multinational corporations did it for us, humans had to figure out how to turn raw, unrefined formerly-living things into food that could be cooked or eaten. And before standup freezers, refrigerators, ice boxes, canned soup, bagged bread, tinned fish, and grocery stores hit the scene, we had to figure out how to preserve […]

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