Incredible $2,000 Tiny House Overlooking The Ocean… – Eco Snippets

Incredible $2,000 Tiny House Overlooking The Ocean…

Incredible $2,000 Tiny House Overlooking The Ocean...

Sitting proudly on a hilltop overlooking Rocky Bay on New Zealand’s Waiheke Island is the home of Grant Lilly. Affectionally named the Lillypad, this Tiny House is under 10 square meters (108 square feet) and boasts sea views that are truly spectacular.

The semi-outdoor kitchen area is carved out of rock (which was chipped out over a period of 10 years) and sits in the hillside next to the Tiny House. Overall, Grant believes that over the years the house has cost him no more than NZ$2,000 (US$ 1,300) to construct as he used mainly reclaimed and recycled materials for the build.

Water is collected via the rain and in summer its heated using a dark hot water cylinder and in winter water is simply boiled using a kettle. Lilly’s tiny house gives you a great idea of what patience, persistence and a creative spirit can do with a small plot of property overlooking paradise. Check it out below…

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Nice spot. How many golf balls are ruining the bay? Bummer


The house cost $2k and the property it sits on probably a million.


It is hard to read the post to much ads


Love it just not too sure about golf balls in the ocean

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