Russian Lawyer Finds Happiness Living In A Hole In The Woods…

Russian Lawyer Finds Happiness Living In A Hole In The Woods...

A former Russian lawyer named Yuri Alexeev got sick of his busy, high-stress life in the city. So one day, he quit and dug himself a “rabbit hole” 60 miles outside of Moscow. He lives there with a pet white rabbit and now refers to himself as “a human living on planet Earth”…

“I was born, lived, studied, lived some more, and worked, and then I got fed up with everything,” Yuri says.

His solar-powered sanctuary is quite a bit cozier than an ordinary rabbit hole, with a wood stove, walls reinforced with wood, straw and clay and water-proof sheets to keep it dry, and a library, which he calls the most important part of the house.

He also has a computer with internet to keep in touch with the outside world and to allow him to participate in the Worldwide BookCrossing Library – a book-sharing system that encourages members to liberate their books “into the wild” for a stranger to find, and to track where they go. His favorite author is Shakespeare:

“When you have an ordinary city life, you work and constantly think about tomorrow,” Yuri said. “You cannot afford to make any mistakes, because it will be unfixable. But all these things don’t make sense here.”

But the hobbit is not a hermit. He loves entertaining guests like a character out of Alice in Wonderland:

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Jason Forget 😉


Bully for him.


Piss poor lawyer then ,


All lawyers should live in holes in the woods!


Maybe Cohen would enjoy this?

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