Simple & Sustainable Living In A 100 Square Foot $1,500 Tiny House… – Eco Snippets

Simple & Sustainable Living In A 100 Square Foot $1,500 Tiny House…

Simple & Sustainable Living In A 100 Square Foot $1,500 Tiny House...

Welcome to Rob Greenfield’s house in Orlando, Florida where he lives simply and sustainably! Rob built this tiny house along with friends for under $1,500, with nearly 100% secondhand and repurposed materials and while creating near zero waste – just 30 pounds of trash!

This setup allows him to live simply so that he can dedicate his time to the service of others and the earth. It also serves as a demonstration site for those who desire to live simply and sustainably.

In this tour Rob shows you the inside of his tiny 100 square foot house, his outdoor kitchen with greywater, his rainwater shower and rainwater collection system, his closed loop compost toilet, his garden and more! Check it out below…

If you like this idea, be sure to share it with your friends and inspire someone you know. Anything becomes possible with just a little inspiration…

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I liked his book jerking off in the dark


The question I have , is how sustainable is this when a cities population of let’s say 2000000 decide to move and live like this .


Good in theory but where do you put it??????


Looks like fun until winter shows up.

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