A Brilliant Yurt Design That Mixes Tradition With Super Modern Construction…

A Brilliant Yurt Design That Mixes Tradition With Super Modern Construction...

In this video, we’re meeting Pat from Yurta to get a behind the scenes look at how they make traditional yurts with natural materials while incorporating some very modern design ideas. These yurts can be set up in just a couple of hours and are built with 3 layers:

– A collapsible wooden frame with a tension cable to determine the height of the structure,

– A wool felt insulation layer that is needled with with a reflective layer to provide breathable insulation,

– An acrylic-coated polyester/cotton outer shell to provide a breathable yet weather resistant cover.

The modern touches that are found in Yurta’s yurts, but not in traditional Mongolian yurts, are large windows and a clear dome. The dome can be opened to allow heat to escape and it provides a beautiful natural light even on cloudy days. Mat and I had fun helping Pat deploy a yurt frame and learning how simple and portable a yurt really is.

We also like the fact that it’s considered a tent in many places so it’s an affordable 4-season tiny house alternative that often doesn’t require a building permit. On top that, we’re huge fans of building homes with natural, sustainable, renewable materials that have few chemicals in them.

Many people like yurts for their simple design, for their portability, and for the wonderful feeling they get living in a round walled dwelling. Check it out below…

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