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Beginning Your Own Food Journey

“If you’re wanting to start on a path of eating and preparing healthier food for your family, you can really begin any where you want. But if you want to be successful in getting everyone on board with you or if you want to make the transition as smooth and easy as possible, then there are […]


How To Dehydrate Chicken

“Backpackers and hikers often take along dehydrated foods on their outdoor adventures due to the low mass and weight of dehydrated foods. Dehydration preserves food by eliminating the moisture in it. The food environment is not conducive for the growth of bacteria when moisture is eliminated. Meats, fruits and vegetables can be dehydrated and do not need refrigeration. […]


How To Buy A Side Of Pasture Fed Organic Beef

“In 2008 we purchased a quarter side of beef with a few friends. It lasted us nearly a year! Without looking at anyone’s grocery budget, I can 95% guarantee that your biggest expense is going to be protein. Well, if you’re vegan it may not be but you’re still going to need to purchase some […]


Homemade Peanut Butter

“Once you make peanut butter at home, it will be very difficult to get excited about store bought peanut butter ever again. Not that eating peanut butter of any kind would ever be a chore because I love it so, but homemade peanut butter is a delicacy. And a nearly effortless delicacy at that. It’s […]


Homemade Ketchup, An Old-World Recipe

“Homemade ketchup – it sounds complicated as though you’d spend all day in the kitchen pounding your way through vats of tomatoes and slowly simmering them away in kettles on a wooden stove. Making homemade ketchup from scratch seems complex, almost unfathomable in an era when quick-fix, all-in-one bagged skillet dinners constitute “cooking from scratch.”  […]


Make An Easy Refreshing Violet Soda

“The arrival of spring is made even sweeter with the emergence of delicate purple violets in our garden. Violets are not only pretty, they are also edible. They contain Vitamin C and can help promote restful sleep, cure headaches, and stop coughs. They make beautiful dessert garnishes and additions to salads. And here’s my recipe […]


Chia Seeds Are The Ultimate Survival Food For Long-Term Storage

“In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, there’s a lot of renewed interest in preparedness. One thing we all learned from the disaster is that when the power grid goes down, starvation isn’t too far behind for those who have failed to store food. It’s easy to store a 72-hour supply of food just by shopping […]


How To Make Maple Syrup At Home

“I’ve always thought of thick, golden, pure maple syrup as one of the truly natural foods, even though I never tasted the real thing until I tried my hand at syrup production in the spring of 1971. At that time my wife and I were living, courtesy of the U.S. Army, in northern Ohio. Near […]


How To Make Hard Cheeses

“I started making cheese several years ago. I began with the soft fresh cheeses like cream cheese, queso blanco, and mozzarella, but after a while I wanted more. I began to research the hard cheeses like Cheddar, Gouda, Jack, and Swiss. The main differences between the soft and hard cheeses is that hard cheese require […]