Salad In A Jar Stays Fresh For More Than A Week

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“My number one secret for eating dessert without dieting is eating a large salad in a jar every day for lunch. Here’s why I, a reformed salad-hater, now love salad:

1.  Limitless variations of dressing and add-ons

2. Gives wiggle room for small indulgences the rest of the day

3. Adds fiber and bulk to your diet

4. Fills me up with few calories

5. Gives lots of chewing satisfaction

6. Easy lifestyle change to implement and adopt forever–this is not a diet!!!!

Does it sound like a lot of work to prepare a salad everyday? Especially on a busy workday morning? Hang on! I have devised a way to make salad for 7-9 days — at one time. My method takes less than 30 minutes (with a little bit of practice). It will stay crisp and fresh for more than a week…”

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