From Barren Landscape To Rainforest Ecosystem Inside A Geodesic Dome…

From Barren Landscape To Rainforest Ecosystem Inside A Geodesic Dome...

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Eden Project is the largest greenhouse in the world built in Cornwall UK, in Geodesic domes, to show that humans can work to correct climate change with sustainable environments.

It used to be a barren landscape – a former clay mine with no soil or plants.

The idea was very simple – let’s take a place of utter dereliction and create life in it. So with a lot of hard work and dedication the team transformed this barren huge crater into a beautiful global garden where you can explore massive covered Biomes to trek though the world’s largest indoor rainforest.

Containing thousands of different species of trees and plants, with each large bio dome containing environments from different regions on the planet, this place is a real attraction and a place of wonder. You can take a quick tour of it in the video below…

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