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Small Property Homesteading

“You may feel that there is no way to enjoy the farm life on a small property, but with the rise of the urban homesteading movement, there are more ideas than ever for how to turn your small property into a working farm. I have loved the idea of farming since I was that little […]


Polyculture Farming

“So what the heck does that mean anyway? Polyculture means more than one culture – and in farming, it means you raise crops and animals, in a synergistic environment that BUILDS on itself, instead of CONSUMING. If you delve into gardening books, you won’t get far in most of them before they start babbling about […]


How To Raise Pastured Pigs Without Buying Feed

“For thousands of years, pigs have been the quintessential biological recyclers, foragers, and grazers. They love to eat almost anything they have access to on pasture: grass, clover, plant roots, broad leaf plants, and even thistles. They do, however, do best when they have access to additional protein, specifically lysine, which they need in order […]


Making A Pig Tractor

“Sadly a ‘pig tractor’ as we know it is not a pig in a jaunty hat driving a little red tractor. But the reality is even better. It’s an excellent low-energy, high return way of preparing ground for a new garden or an orchard: removing all grass, roots and weeds with the aid of a […]


DIY No Spill Chicken Feeder

It’s 7 o’clock, or close to it, on a warm summer morning.  I’m still in bed, awake, but trying to fall back asleep again. Everything is quiet and motionless, with just the faintest sounds of the neighborhood coming to life. A car door closing as someone gets ready to drive to work, sparrows chirping from […]


Herbs For Chickens

“I feed my chickens an organic soy-free feed from Countryside Organics. I really like knowing that the feed is good for them and because what they eat is transferred to us through their eggs, I feel good about consuming and sharing their eggs with friends and family. It’s definitely pricier than other brands of chicken […]


How To Build A Bee Skep

“For centuries, beekeepers have used “skeps,” carefully designed domed baskets, to house their hives. Bees need a clean, dry place to make a home and “I guess beekeepers got tired of using hollowed out logs,” explains Kennard in a softly accented but very British voice. Northern European beekeepers migrated from logs to straw skeps somewhere […]


Raising Ducks For Meat

“Meat chickens, turkeys and rabbits are the quintessential small livestock used for meat production on farms and homesteads of all sizes. But other fowl, like ducks, should not be discounted as a viable source of food and income. In fact, ducks are thought to be easier to raise then meat chickens because they are heartier […]


Build It Yourself – DIY Beekeeping Plans & Information

“Tired of the same old beehive plans? You have found the largest selection of DIY beekeeping plans, feeders,  frames and beekeeping equipment on the web. Most beehive parts can be built with simple hand tools, local materials and the plans below. If you have a suggestion let us know…” More Details Here

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