Amazing DIY European Style Tiny House With Pizza Oven… – Eco Snippets

Amazing DIY European Style Tiny House With Pizza Oven…

Amazing DIY European Style Tiny House With Pizza Oven...

The Gypsy Mermaid is undoubtably one of the most creative and artistic tiny house builds that we have visited to date. There are features in this home that I didn’t believe to be possible in a tiny house such as a fully functional feature pizza oven right in the middle of the home which provides both ample warmth and amazing pizza!

This couple loves to travel and were greatly inspired by European style in their build, especially when it came to the interior decor of the home. The entire place was constructed by the couple as a DIY build for the unbelievable price of only $15,000, largely thanks to the amount of reclaimed materials that have gone into the tiny home’s construction.

Check it out below…

If you like this idea, be sure to share it with your friends and inspire someone you know. Anything becomes possible with just a little inspiration…

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oh Pamela Robertson! check this tiny House out…i am in love with that oven…


    Oh my goodness! That is beautiful! Thank you for sharing this with me!!


Desireé Brusewitz!


Marconi Martinelli our dream home ?


    Totally! Pizza everyday lol, breakfast pizza too ?

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