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220-Gallon Rainwater Collection System Video

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“Here’s to free water…

This is a tour and some how-to around our new four barrel rain water harvesting system at the Sugar Shack, an intentional community in the heart of Mid-City Los Angeles.

The system, built from a combination of reclaimed and easy to acquire parts, is a crowning jewel in our ever growing urban permaculture installation that now includes micro food forestry, hanging gardens, rooftop gardens and intensive composting…

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Check your state for legality before building. Oregon people will go to jail for this.


Last year in Sarnia, Ontario, they told us we needed to conserve water. (We live on Lake Huron) So we cut way back on our usage. Because we used so little, they raised our water rates. We’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t. I do like your system though.

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