6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save The World – Paul Stamets… – Eco Snippets

6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save The World – Paul Stamets…

6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save The World - Paul Stamets...

Entrepreneurial mycologist Paul Stamets seeks to rescue the study of mushrooms from forest gourmets and psychedelic warlords. The focus of Stamets’ research is the Northwest’s native fungal genome, mycelium, but along the way he has filed 22 patents for mushroom-related technologies, including pesticidal fungi that trick insects into eating them, and mushrooms that can break down the neurotoxins used in nerve gas.

There are cosmic implications as well. Stamets believes we could terraform other worlds in our galaxy by sowing a mix of fungal spores and other seeds to create an ecological footprint on a new planet.

In this excellent TED talk, Mycologist Paul Stamets lists 6 ways the mycelium fungus can help save the universe: including cleaning polluted soil, making insecticides, treating smallpox and even flu. Check it out below…

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