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Building A Covered Greenhouse Garden

“Since we’ve moved here, we’ve had some windy nights and some CRAZY 30mph windy nights.

On top of that, the neighbors all comment on the foggy summers. So to help my future tomatoes out, I decided to build them a little green house to protect them from the wind and to elevate the temperature during the colder days.

This should also help me with the “year round” gardening Bay Area people seem so keen on.

I started out with 2x12s at 8 feet and 4 feet. (I do not recommend 2x12s as they are very expensive, and you can get the same results with stacked 2x6s.) We leveled out the dirt a bit before assembling them…”

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CRAZY 30 mph winds? now that makes me giggle… 🙂


Allison Reed and ifin you wanna grow lettuce and carrots year round build on of these..

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